Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) is a vibrant institute of research and learning that stands in lieu of servicing the nation's interest. As a world-renowned research university, UPM seeks to achieve the highest levels of distinction in the discovery and transmission of knowledge and understanding.

Besides UPM’s distinctiveness in its commitment to undergraduate teaching and research, the University is proud to be globally regarded as one of the universities with such a green and natural learning environment.

Today, more than 5,000 faculty members instruct approximately 18,000 undergraduate students and 10,000 graduate students. he nation’s and University's generous financial aid and sponsorship programmes ensure that talented students from all economic backgrounds can afford a UPM education.

Your relationship with the UPM community does not end upon graduation. UPM graduates are welcome to join the UPM Alumni Association, which is dedicated to strengthening the bonds of friendship and networks from a variety of expertise. In fact, many members of the UPM Alumni have been appointed as ambassadors at large for their contributions in their fields, and they have left a big impact on society and the nation and enhanced the university’s reputation at the international level.

Since 1971, the UPM Alumni list has grown to an impressive list of 145,000 people - not only in Malaysia, but from all over the world, including Australia, Iran, France, Myanmar and Saudi Arabia. Armed with a desire to foster fraternity with their Alma mater, UPM Alumni have managed to share great ideas and speak critically for the development of a dynamic university in the realisation of our vision and mission.

Commitment in a dynamic environment is the key to excellence UPM in implementing the mission and vision of the university.


  • Led by the Dean and assisted by three Deputy Deans, 4 head of the Department, a Deputy Registrar and 2 Assistant Registrar.
  • Has 250 staff consisting of academic staff (faculty) and support staff.
  • Has about 2,500 students of full-time students, part-time and postgraduate students.
Work does not follow the field of study
We all know the feeling of being a new graduate, stepping out of university – that feeling of excitement and passion that burns regardless of the job challenges that lie ahead. However, we are also aware that the job we apply for is not necessarily suitable for ourselves. Feelings of disappointment, low self-esteem, sadness because of the repeated rejection of job offers received. But, is that the end of the road to your success? Don't worry, because there are many out there just like you. You have to keep trying, no matter how many rejections you receive, and for sure at one point your offer will be accepted.
Work does not follow the field of study
Failure is the Foundation of Success
Failure is the Foundation of Success
No Work Experience? Do not worry!
No Work Experience? Do not worry!
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His Royal Highness's Official Birthday
His Royal Highness's Official Birthday
Salutations and Heartiest Congratulations to His Majesty Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al-Musta’in Billah on the occasion of His Majesty’s Official Birthday on 5 June 2023 (16 Zulkaedah 1444H). Dirgahayu Tuanku. With utmost sincerity from the Faculty of Modern Language and Communication, University Putra Malaysia.

Students can make a Teaching Assessment through the Putra Learning Hub portal https://oscar.upm.edu.my/ta/index.php which can be accessed by using their respective UPM-ID

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FURTHER INFORMATION: http://etender.upm.edu.my

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