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Tours and Seminars from the State University of Jakarta

Serdang, March 7thOn March 5th, 2014, Arabic Division from Foreign Language Department received an honour visit from 87 members; students and lecturers, of Jabatan Studi Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastera Arab from Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ). The delegation from UNJ arrived at Faculty of Modern Language and Communication at 9.00 a.m. The reason for this honorary visit was to attend a Day Seminar with Arabic Division, with the topic “Bahasa Arab Sebagai Bahasa Komunikasi Alternatif Bangsa Melayu”. The aim of this Seminar is strengthens the ties between the two faculties as well as to discuss and study whether can Arabic be used as alternative to Malay Language.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Dr. Wan Muhammad Wan Sulong started around 9.00 a.m. It was soon followed by du’a recital by Ustaz Mohd Hazri before proceeding to sing the National Anthem and Putra Gemilang. The guests and fellow students from Arabic Division were then entertained by a multimedia presentation of FBMK. The presentation highlighted the achievement of the Faculty’s lecturers.

Afterwards, the Deputy Dean from UNJ was then invited to deliver a speech as part of welcoming ceremony. The gist of his speech was that the importance of Arabic as the Language of Knowledge as well as an alternative to Malay language in communication wise. The seminar was inaugurated by Deputy Dean of Academic and Students Affair, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arba’ie Sujud with the hope of Arabic will be an alternative to Malay Language. The ceremony ended at 10.00 a.m. with the students, delegation from UNJ and lecturers invited to a morning tea.

The seminar continues on after 10.00 a.m. with two session of discussion as well as a question and answers session between UNJ students and UPM students.

Seminat & Visit from Universitas Negeri Jakarta

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