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Research Program

Title : Communication, Media and Society

Department : Department of Communication

Program Leader :  Professor Dr. Ezhar Tamam

Email :

Research Groups : 
1. Social Interaction and Diversity Engagement – Prof. Madya Dr. Jusang Bolong

2. Production, use and effect of media – Prof. Dr. Mohd. Salleh Hassan

3. Communication for Organizational Excellence – Prof.  Madya Dr. Zulhamri Abdullah

Programme Objective :
To advance understanding on the ways in which communication, information, media and communication technology can address development challenges related to social, economics, health, education and the environments at individual, organizational, societal and national level.

Title : Discourse Studies, Language Acquisition and Use

Department : Deparment of English

Program Leader : Associate Professor Dr. Shameem Mohd Rafik Khan@ Rafik-Galea

Email : 

Research Groups : 
1. Language Acquisition, Learning and Evaluation in Diverse Contexts - Prof. Madya Dr. Tan Bee Hoon

2. Discourse Studies and Language Use - Prof. Madya Dr. Shameem Mohd Rafik Khan @ Rafik-Galea

3. Ecolinguistic Challenges and Sustainability - Prof. Dr. Chan Swee Heng

4. Critical Literacies for the Information Age –Prof. Madya Dr. Mardziah Hayati Abdullah

5. Neurolinguistics and Mental Representation of Linguistic and World Knowledge – Prof. Madya Dr. Yap Ngee Thai

Programme Objective :
This research programme focuses on studies in discourse, language acquisition and language use. It aims to investigate the theories and practice of spoken, written, and signed language; multimodal/multimedia forms of communication; language evaluation in diverse contexts; and evolving ecolinguistic systems.

Title : Epistemology in Language, Linguistics and Literature

Department : Department of Malay Language

Program Leader : Associate Professor Dr. Mohd. Zariat Abdul Rani

Email :
Research Groups : 
1. Language, Culture and Thought in Malay Society - Prof. Dr. Hashim bin Musa 

2. Translation and Interpretation - Prof. Madya Dr. Muhammad Fauzi Jumingan

3. Narratology in Literature – Prof. Maday Dr. Noritah Omar 

Programme Objective :
Exploring aspects related to culture and epistemology in language, linguistics and literature.

Title : Games, Gamification for Social Engineering

Department : Department of Malay Language

Program Leader : Associate Professor Dr. Normahdiah Sheik Said

Email :

Programme Objective :
The purpose of the research programme is to establish a research community that focuses on games and gamification for social engineering,nation building and wealth creation.

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