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Master of Arts (Chinese Literature)- With Thesis


This programme emphasizes on the aspect of research on classical and modern Chinese literature, especially the Chinese  literature in China and Chinese literature out of China. Aspect of philosophy and history also become a focus of the field. Among the core subjects in this programme included Mahua literature, literary theory and criticism, great works of Chinese literature and philosophy, In this programme, candidates are exposed to the latest developments in the field of Chinese literature. The programme aims to train  related professionals from public and private sectors to be specialists in Chinese literature.

Entrance Requirements

  1. Candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree with  a minimum CGPA of 2.75 or equivalent in Chinese language and literature(Major or Minor).
  2. Applicants with a CGPA of less than 2.75 or equivalent in Chinese language and literature may be considered if they have work experience ( min. 1 year) in related fields.
  3. Applicants who do not have a Major or Minor qualification in Chinese language and literature are required to take three prepatory courses at the B.A(Chinese Literature) level in the first semester and must obtain a minimum grade of B+ for each of the courses.


Preparatory Courses (9 credits)

BBC3102    Development of Chinese Literature               3 credits

BBC3103    Development of Modern Chinese Literature    3 credits

BBC3104    Malaysian Chinese Literature                        3 credits

BBC3105    Historical Survey of China                            3 credits

BBC3221    Introduction to Sinology                              3 credits

BBC3224    Introduction to Literature                            3 credits


Semester Programme Offered

First Semester and Second Semester of each academic year


Programme Requirements

Candidates pursuing this programme are required to complete a minimum of 6 credits of coursework as follow:

Research Methods (3 credits) AND any other related courses approved by the supervisory committee.

List of courses

BBC5201   Chinese Literary  Theory and Criticism           3 credits

BBC5202   Great Works of Chinese Literature                 3 credits

BBC5402   Research Methodology in Chinese Literature   3 credits

BBC5501   Issues in Classical Chinese Literature             3 credits

BBC5502   Issues in Modern Chinese Literature               3 credits

BBC5503   Issues in Mahua Literature                            3 credits

BBC5601   Seminar on Chinese Literature                      3 credits 

b.   Other Requirements

i.    Thesis

SPS5999    Master’s Research

The candidate must register for the Master’s Research (SPS5999) course. This is a research project course that will culminate into a thesis by the end of the programme. This thesis will then be assessed and a viva voce will be conducted to ensure the candidate’s competency in field of study.


ii.    Seminar

SPS5903      Seminar

The candidate is required to enroll for the SPS5903 course that represents a defense of the research proposal. This course has to be taken as soon as the proposal has been approved by the thesis supervisory committee (not the academic advisor). The course will be assessed and the candidate will be given either a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory grade.

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