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Master of Applied Linguistics



The programme aims to equip candidates with knowledge of theories and applications relevant to the field of English language studies. In this programme, candidates are exposed to latest developments in applied linguistics. The programme aims to train professionals from the public and private sectors to be specialists in the English language.


Entrance Requirements

  • Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree with Second Class honours (upper division) or a minimum CGPA of 2.75 in English language studies or related field
  • Applicants with a CGPA of less than 2.75 but not lower than 2.50, or Second Class honours (lower division) may be considered if they have relevant work experience (minimum 3 years), or publications and research experience in related fields.


  • Applicants with CGPA less than 2.50 may be considered if they have relevant work experience (minimum 5 years) in related fields.
  • Applicants whose qualifications are not in the field of English language but with a minimum CGPA of 3.00, may be considered for provisional admission, and must take 3 preparatory courses in field of English language and obtain a minimum grade of B+ for each course. 
  • Proof of working experience, publications and research experience must be provided at the point of application.


Programme Requirements

  1. Credit Requirements

Candidates pursuing this programme are required to complete a minimum of 40 credits of graduate-level coursework. Credits are distributed among compulsory courses, elective courses and a research project as follows: 



Compulsory Courses     21 credits
Elective Courses 12 credits
Dissertation 6 credits
Master’s Research Project Seminar  1 credit
Total  40 credits




List of courses

1. Compulsory Courses (21 Credits)

BBI5201 Research Methods in English Studies  3 credits
BBI5248 Structures of English    3 credits
BBI5249 Language in Society      3 credits
BBI5243 Analysing Discourses  3 credits
BBI5210 Second Language Learning 3 credits
BBI5244 Digital Literacies 3 credits
BBI5407 Writing the Research Paper  3 credits


2. Elective Courses (12 Credits)

Applied Linguistics


BBI5102  Language Planning and Policy    3 credits
BBI5208  Psychology of Language      3 credits
BBI5209  Semantics  3 credits
BBI5216 Language Evaluation and Accountability 3 credits
BBI5217 Phonetics and Phonology 3 credits
BBI5218 Syntax and Morphology 3 credits
BBI5220 ESP Theory and Practice    3 credits
BBI5225 Genre Studies    3 credits
BBI5234 Pragmatics    3 credits
BBI5245 Language Evolution, Contact and Change            3 credits
BBI5246 Interactions in Reading and Writing  3 credits
BBI5247 Semiotics of Discourse    3 credits
BBI5301 Language and Culture        3 credits
BBI5303 Perspectives on Language Use in Media Communication  3 credits
BBI5408 Conversational Interaction and Analysis    3 credits
BBI5409 Qualitative Data Management in Language Research  3 credits
BBI 5410 Quantitative Data Analysis and Interpretation in Language Research 3 credits
BBI5411 Corpus Linguistics  3 credits
BBI5501 Special Topics      3 credits



iii. Preparatory Courses (9 credits)

Candidates who do not have qualifications in English language studies are required to take three preparatory courses at the undergraduate level (latest by the second semester of their study) and must obtain a minimum grade of B+ for each of the courses.


List of preparatory courses:


BBI3201 Introduction to General Linguistics   3 credits
BBI3202 English Phonetics and Phonology  3 credits  
BBI3212 English Syntax and Morphology 3 credits or

other relevant courses approved by the Department.


iv. Other Requirements

Research Project

FBK5989 Dissertation    6 credits
FBK5600 Master’s Research Project Seminar     1 credit



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