» Doctor of Philosophy (Arabic Language)

Doctor of Philosophy (Arabic Language)


The programme aims to equip candidates with in-depth knowledge of theories and practices relevant to the field of Arabic language studies. In this programme, candidates are exposed to the latest developments in Arabic language and linguistics. The programme aims to train professionals from the public and private sectors, especially lecturers from public and private institutions of higher learning, to be specialists in the Arabic language.


Entrance Requirements

    • Candidates should have a Master’s degree in Arabic language studies, Arabic literature or related fields from recognized universities.
    • Candidates who have a Master’s degree by thesis must have obtained a CGPA of 3.00.
    • Candidates who hold a Master’s degree by coursework only (without thesis) must have obtained a CGPA of 3.20.

Semester Programme Offered

First Semester and Second Semester

Programme Requirements

a. Coursework Requirement

Candidates pursuing the Doctor of Philosophy degree are required to complete a  minimum of 3 credits of coursework offered by the department:

BBM6401  Reka Bentuk dan Statistik dalam Penyelidikan Bahasa  3 credits;  or

BBM6402  Penelitian Kualitatif dalam Penyelidikan Bahasa;           3 credits   or

BBI6402    Quantitative Methods in Language Research;                 3 credits   or

BBI6403    Qualitative Inquiry in Language Research                      3 credits   or

Any other related courses approved by supervisory committee         3 credits

List of courses

  BBI 6401        Thesis Writing                                                             3 credits

  BBI 6402        Quantitative Methods in Language Research             3 credits

  BBI 6403        Qualitative Inquiry in Language Research                 3 credits

  BBK 6201       Theory and Philosophy of Literature                          3 credits

  BBL 6401       Critical Theory and Practice                                       3 credits

  BBM 6201      Advanced Linguistic Theory                                      3 credits

  BBM 6401      Design and Statistic in Language Research                3 credits

  BBM 6402      Qualitative Inquiry in Language Research                 3 credits

Other Requirements

i. Thesis

SPS6999                     Doctoral Research

A doctoral candidate is required to register for the course SPS6999 Doctoral Research. This course entails a research project and at the end of the candidature, the candidate will submit a thesis. The thesis will then be sent for examination and a viva voce will be held to determine the candidate’s competence in the area study.

ii. Seminar

SPS6903                     Seminar

A doctoral candidate is required to enroll for the SPS6903 course that represent a defense of the research proposal. This course has to be taken as soon as the proposal has been approved by the thesis supervisory committee (not the academic advisor). The course will be assessed and the candidate will be given either a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory grade.

iii. Comprehensive Examination

A candidate pursuing the doctoral programme is required to pass a written and oral comprehensive examination. This examination is attempted upon completion of all coursework stipulated in the programme. It is designed to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge in the area of study, and his or her ability to integrate knowledge about research and theory to address basic issue in the area concerned as well as to understand related research methods and design. 

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