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History of Faculty

The formation of FBMK can be traced back to the establishment of the National Language Division  (Bahagian Bahasa Kebangsaan)  and the English Language Division (Bahagian Bahasa Inggeris) in the Agriculture College of Malaya (Kolej Pertanian Malaya) when the Language Act 1976 took effect. Both units were combined to form the Language Division in 1971 which was subsequently upgraded into the Language Department in 1972 and was placed under the Faculty of Agriculture.

On 15th January 1975, the Language Department was placed at the Faculty of Educational Studies. Then, on 4th January 1995, the Language Department was upgraded to the Faculty of Language Studies. On 1st January 1999, the then Department of Development Communication which was in the Faculty of Human Ecology was transferred to the Faculty of Modern Languages as the Department of Communication. With this restructuring, the Faculty of Language Studies was renamed as the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication (FBMK).

Currently, FBMK has four departments; they are the Malay Language Department, English Language Department, Foreign Language Department, and Department of Communication. The Department of Malay Language and Linguistics conducts courses in Malay Language and Linguistics, Malay Literature, as well as writing courses and Malay proficiency courses. The Department of English Language conducts courses in English Language, Literature and English proficiency, while the Department of Foreign Languages offers courses in foreign languages such as Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, Korea, Thai, Bengali, French, Spanish, German, Tamil, Myanmar language, Vietnamese, Persian and Russian. The Department of Communication conducts courses in human communication, corporate communication, journalism, broadcasting, communication technology, mass communication and developmental communication.

FBMK offers two degree programmes: Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Communication (B.Comm).  The Bachelor of Arts programme offers specialization in Malay language and Malay Linguistics, English Language, Malay Literature, English Literature, Foreign Languages (Arabic, Chinese, French and Germany. The Bachelor of Communication programme, on the other hand, offers specialization in Journalism, Broadcasting, Human Communication and Corporate Communication.

The Bachelor of Arts programme received accreditation from the Public Service Department on 1st August 1997, and the degree conferred, Bachelor of Arts (Hons), is recognized as equivalent to an undergraduate honours degree while the Bachelor of Communication programme was accredidated on 15th April 1999, and the degree conferred, Bachelor of Communication (Hons), is also recognized as equivalent to an undergraduate honours degree.

FBMK also assists the Graduate School in conducting the postgraduate degree programmes (Master and PhD) in the following specializations: Malay Language, English Language, Arabic Language, Malay Literature, English Literature, Chinese Literature, Organization Communication, Human Communication, Communication Development, Communication Technology, Corporate Communication and Journalism.  FBMK also offers part-time Executive Degree programmes, and assists UPM Education and Training SDN BHD (UPMET) in conducting distance learning programmes. FBMK also conducts researches in language, literature and communication, and engages in consultation and extension activities with the campus community as well as with the community at large.

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