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Language Carnival: A collaboration of UPM and Sultan Alam Shah (SAS) School Putrajaya

Language Carnival: A collaboration of UPM and Sultan Alam Shah (SAS) School Putrajaya

By : Salina Husain

Photos : Salina Husain


Putrajaya (29 July  to 3August 2019) - Faculty of Modern Languages ​​and Communication (FBMK) was again invited to collaborate for the second time in organizing the Language Carnival held at the Sultan Alam Shah (SAS) school, Putrajaya. The program was held for a week from July 29 to August 3, 2019 involving 36 lecturers from various languages ​​such as Malay, English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese and Communication, as well as a cameraman.

French lecturers at the Language Exhibition               Lecturers, Teachers and Students of Japanese Language

According to the program chair, Dr Salina Husain, the main objective of the program was to provide opportunity for the SAS students to interact in the foreign languages confidently through various interactive language activities. This joint effort of UPM students-lecturers was welcomed by the organizer, SAS as this will improve the SAS students’ language skills.  

Apart from Sultan Alam Shah (SAS), the program also involved several public boarding schools including Sri Putri School (SSP), Kajang Federal Religious Secondary School (SMAP), Tuanku Munawir Science Secondary School (SASER) and others. During the activities, the students were excited to show their skills in communicating in different languages. Among the activities planned by the school and UPM lecturers were language workshops, cooking classes, news reading slot, language exhibitions, karaoke competitions in many languages ​​and more. All activities required the students to interact in Malay, English, Chinese, Arabic, French or Japanese.

Student reading news in Arabic                         Students created picture of SAS using Chinese language

English language Reading technique                             Malay language skills

It can be seen that activities conducted not only have boosted the students’ confidence to communicate but it also strengthened their language skills. The students had the opportunities to interact in the language that they learned and this indirectly allowed the students to practice the knowledge gained in the classroom. In addition, this program will further strengthen the relationship between UPM lecturers and the local community, while promoting the faculty expertise at a broader level.


                       Closing ceremony



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